taking people on a journey is the fundamental element of underground dance music. I don't sell records. - Seth Troxler
Artist Name
funky vibes, downbeat, garage, deep house, jackin house, bassline techno
Bosconi, Nightdrivers, Holic Trax, Marmo Music
BeatPort Pro
Resident Advisor

Rufus  Biography

Niccolo`Daniel Rufo, better known as Rufus, is a forward-thinker, 360° vinly collector and technically impeccable DJ of guaranteed striking effect on dance-floors.

After moving to Berlin in 2013, beside keeping on collaborating as A&R advisor for Bosconi Records, he has widened his studio-work perspectives, as part of Tru West for Marmo Music (along with Mass Prod and Herve Corti) and Nightdrivers with fellow Mass Prod in the field of big room house and techno. A number of international high profile dj appearances followed, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Propaganda Moscow, Circoloco at Detroit`s DEMF, Melt London, Tresor Berlin, while consolidated artists like Daniel Bell, Zip, Omar S, James Priestley and Barbara Preisinger spin Nightdrivers’ works.

2014 was characterized by the birth of Nightdrivers and a buch of killer groovers for Bosconi Records, Claap and the extraordinary opening 12” for the namesake Nightdrivers series, Nightvisions EP, not to forget his colaboration with Ekkohaus on the Holic Trax` Trial & Terror EP. 2015 will see the return of Rufus on Bosconi with a solo EP, ‘Black N’ Blues’, further irresistable “rides”with Nightdrivers, The Leftovers on Marmo Music and more recordings under his own alias.

His dj sets focus on open-minded music, funky vibes, downbeat, garage, deep house and jackin house, and a right dose of good detroit bassline techno.

His restless research into both old school and the fresher forms of dance music have inspired many Italian artists gravitating around Bosconi Records circuit and the Florence scene. His talent scouting and artistic ideas for Bosconi are behind some of the most important label’s releases, Altz, Oliverwho Factory, Altered Natives, Ricardo Miranda, Dj Nature, The Revenge, Mark E, just to name a few.

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