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Rich & Maroq

Rich & Maroq
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Rich & Maroq
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Rich & Maroq  Biography

‘Music as an art form itself is very personal and we think that is the beauty of it and what keeps it alive.’

Sometimes the most unlikely combinations yield captivating results, and Rich & Maroq appear to be a case in point. The methodical, determined Scotsman Richard Elcox and the flamboyant Peruvian Jorge Marroquin have been companions on a musical trip since 2008, as a DJ duo and founders of the Vergissmeinnicht collective. This year they are releasing their long-awaited first joint EP. There’s no doubt that the wait has paid off: in the Dreamer EP Rich & Maroq present a stand-out release of exceptional quality and demonstrate that their skills are not limited to memorable DJ sets, they can also produce remarkable results in the studio.

Rich & Maroq have performed at clubs and festivals such as the legendary Bar 25 (B), Secret Island Nation Festival (SE), Hive (CH), Kater Holzig (B), VMN Lima (PE) and Kater Blau (B). They also started the first Vergissmeinnicht club nights and open airs, including the 1 May 2011 Open Air in Görlitzer Park with Camea and Franco Bianco, which will surely remain fresh in the memory of many Berliners → Video documentary: Tanzen statt Steine.

Performing in different venues in their home base of Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Hamburg and also further afield in countries such as Peru, Sweden and Poland, they have played alongside some of the biggest acts in today’s scene, sharing the stage with acts such from Ian Pooley and Camea to Troy Pearce, Alex Niggemann and M.in to their current studio partner Jens Bond and many many more…

Although Rich & Maroq steered clear of many social media channels for a long period and have largely remained under the radar, recently music media outlets such as Mixmag Germany, Sceen.fm and Klangextase.de have heard about the duo and reported their impressions → Press Coverage

While Rich & Maroq are appearing for the first time as a producer team, Richard Elcox is certainly no stranger to the production game. In 2012 Richard contributed – under his real name – to the Secret Island Nation Festival Compilation (Darek Recordings) with the track “Archipelago”, a collaboration with Dirty Room, as part of a line-up including Ian Pooley, Demir and others. The track was well received by the scene and the media alike, and was even named the “best track” on the compilation by FazeMag. In April this year Richard Elcox released his solo debut – Spooked EP (Vergissmeinnicht) – inviting the listener to become lost in their own cerebral cinema with tightly woven grooves, crisp percussive structures and abstract melodies. Recently Rich & Maroq dropped their hotly anticipated duo release, and they had their good friend Ron Flatter on board for a remix.


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