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chris lustig

chris lustig
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chris lustig
dub minimal, dub techno
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chris lustig  Biography

FreundSein is an upcoming berlin record label, which has been founded in summer 2013, by the friends Chris Lustig and Pawlo Tojeda, two exceptional DJ´s from berlin & nederland. They got to know each other while making music in Berlins Clubs. Immediately they felt that the generate joy in making music and the same taste connecting them both.
In founding the vinyl-label FreundSein they didn´t even simply decided to achieve the next step as electronic music composers. FreundSein and the meaning itself “be a friend” is symbolic of their decision and of what they really want to express.

It is a homage to friendship and a commitment to electronic – house and minimal music. Therefore they brought renowned artists and vinyl passionate newcomer together to produce an electronical symphony of music. The first result is a stunning new record carrying the listener away on a wave of overwhelming sounds, creative beats, new horizons and pulsating feelings.

These days FreundSein is looking forward to its first record release which is coming up in spring 2014 in berlin.
One can be eager, what results Chris and Pawlo are produced by the combination of high asthetics and musical expressiveness.

Chris Lustig; born (1981) an grown up in Berlin is a german musician and DJ.

Music accompanied Chris since his earliest childhood. He started making music at the age of 5 together with his father, a passionate music teacher.

His whole life he has been inspired by various kinds of music. Therefore in 1992 he startet to live his passion for music as a leadsinger in several bands, just as Schoolbands and coverbands. But he also walked on the wild side – playing guitar in a german punk rock band, performing in several german cities (Hamburg I Berlin).

After years of experiences and try outs in 2007 his path led him trought electronic music. Especially the fact creating maximum deep feelings with selected minimal sounds made him appreciate House, Dub – Techno and Minimal and become a serious DJ. In 2009, he started working as a DJ in his hometown Berlin.

In different well known Club´s, as: R19, VCF, Chalet, “Süß war gestern” ,Brunnen 70, Kosmonaut.Chris learned to play long electronic multiple sets, which take the listener by surprise whenever he believed he knows the kind of sound. Moreover he can also often be found at big summer festivals in all over Germany.

He is known for mostly playing Minimal electronic, Dub, Deep House as well as a Mix-Up of Techno and Acid Techno. Listening to Chris sets made you feel entering world of a heart and soul guided world of electronic music.

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